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Next Race-

October 16-18th

Trophy Cup
Thunderbowl Raceway

Tulare, CA

Action Starts at 4pm
The Story

A Message From Chase:
My cousin Marcus Johnson and Dale Wondergem lost their lifes on March 16th. I can not tell you all how bad and how hurt I feel at this time. I am sorry. Marcus was more like a brother to me than a cousin. We would see each other at least 3 times a week if not more. He could put a smile on anyone's face and always showed his love with his wonderful hugs. He had a long promising future in racing and basketball. If he wasn't winning at the track he was winning on the court. He would come to support me at every race. The one thing he loved was to sit on the tire and help me get ready inside the race car, hand me my safety gear and tell me a couple words right before I went out on the track. And if anybody tried to take his job he would make sure it wasn't for long. I looked up to him as much as he looked up to me. I want to share a memory with you all. The last week Marcus, Hayden, Colby and myself where all at my grandmother's house playing and wrestling on the grass in the dark at 9pm. Marcus and I were always a team against the younger boys Hayden and Colby. After playing with the little guys it wore Marcus and I out. Marcus and I sat outside in two chairs. He looked at me and told me "Chase you better never grow up." I told him don't worry, I will never be to old to play with you, we looked at each other and smiled. I miss you so much Marcus. I love you so much little buddy. The other day I spent a day at the Wondergem's house to learn about Dale and his life. Dale had a huge heart for our sport. He would spend everyday at the track if he had the choice. His wife Jerry told me that on their wedding day that they got married at 2 and he was at the track by 4. The Wondergem family is one of the nicest caring families you will ever meet. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and support through these tough times. 
Rest in Peace Marcus and Dale.
 I'm so sorry and I love you.
Photo from March 16th before practice
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Chase Johnson Looks Forward to Stockton

PETERSEN MEDIA: Returning to the seat of Harley Van Dyke’s No. 5H machine over the weekend in Tulare, CA, Chase Johnson had a weekend he would soon like to forget as he already has The Stockton Dirt Track on his mind.

“It has just been one of those years where luck doesn’t seem to go our way,” Johnson said. “I have to thank Harley and his guys for all of their help, and hopefully we can end the season on a high note at Stockton next week.”

​Kicking things off on Thursday, Johnson timed the Lucas Oil/K&N Products/JRI Shocks backed No. 5h machine in 18th fastest, putting him in the second row of his heat race.

Slipping back to a sixth place finish, Johnson was forced into the night’s C Main event. Lining up in the fifth row of the C, Johnson was able to work up into the sixth spot, as he flirted getting into the top-four to transfer, but it did not happen on this night, as he would finish his opening night in the C Main.


Back in action on Friday night, Johnson ended up timing in 12th fastest, despite getting upside down on his second lap, before finishing fifth in his heat race. Going to the B Main on this night, Johnson started in the 10th spot, and worked his way up to sixth, as he looked to get into the top four, but contact on the front stretch put Johnson’s machine into the wall.


Slowing to a stop, Johnson went to the work area hoping to make repairs, but the damage to his rear-end was too severe, and his night was over.


“We were rally fast all night on Friday, it was really unfortunate to have that bad luck in the B Main,” Johnson added. “With the format we had a throw away night, but that didn’t really help us out with having two bad nights.”


Missing the Top-48 cut off by just two cars, Johnson found himself in a Saturday night D main event, where the Top-Four in each race would move into C Mains. Getting into the second spot in his D, Johnson played it safe and didn’t force the issues, as he finished second and moved into the C Main.


Lining up 10th in the C, a car got out of shape in front of Johnson, and as he went high to avoid it, he collapsed his wheel over as he drove over the cushion, and the vibration made the car tough to drive, and he would finish in the 11th spot.


“It was just a tough weekend overall, but it is a tough race,” Johnson added. “Again, I just need to thank my guys for their hard work, and all of the people and companies who continue to support me.”


The Van Dyke Motorsports team would like to thank Lucas Oil, K&N Products, JRI Shocks, NAAKE Suspension, Rodgers Racing Engines, FSR Radiators, for their support during the year.


Chase Johnson would like to thank Johnny Franklin Mufflers, Newman Freeman Racing, Pit Stop USA, Napa Auto Parts, Flowmaster, Shifty Illusions, Don’s Truck Repair, VSR, and IWear for their support through the year.


2014 BY THE NUMBERS: Races-24, Wins-0, Top 5’s-1, Top 10’s-5


ON TAP: Johnson and the Van Dyke Motorsports team will be back in action on November 1st at the Stockton Dirt Track in what will be the final Winged Sprint Car Race in CA for the 2014 season.


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